What to do if you or any of your household have symptoms;

If any child or member of their household displays Covid-19 symptoms, they should NOT attend school (new continuous cough and/or a high temperature/ loss of taste or smell). The link below provides more details of what symptoms to look for.


If any child or member of staff displays symptoms during the school day, they will be isolated immediately and sent home. The child displaying symptoms and all siblings will be sent home to isolate and follow government guidance. All children sent home with symptoms must be tested and have a confirmed negative result before they can return to school.

As many of you will now be aware, there are an increasing number of confirmed cases of Covid-19 in Northamptonshire. If we have a confirmed case at Bracken Leas, you will be notified of which groups are required to self-isolate following guidance provided by the Health Protection Team. Unless advised otherwise, all pupils should remain in attendance in school.  Cases amongst siblings at other schools will only require direct family members to self-isolate, as per the government guidance.

Families who are returning from abroad should follow all guidance relating to the country they have visited and the required quarantine procedures. If a country with a quarantine period is visited, the full quarantine period must be observed even if there has been a confirmed negative test result.

Please understand that as a school we are relying on parents providing accurate information about all Covid-19 matters and test and trace requirements. Please help us to do this to keep our community safe; we have no authority or ability to check this ourselves.

Obtaining a test

Please use this link to obtain information on getting a test. The site advises that if you are unable to get a test at the time you should try again in a few hours. We are aware that the service is very busy at present. Alternatively, try calling to book on 119.


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