As responsibility for FOBL passes from Victoria to Laura, and after a challenging year for everyone, it is a time to reflect on all of the achievements of the last academic year.

A number of events took place in the lead up to Christmas and beyond from Bakes Sales and Halloween Discos to Christmas cards, Santa Day and the Christmas Fair in the latter part of 2019.  The Staff Verses Parents Quiz, Valentine’s Disco and Bake Sale were also able to go ahead as planned, providing fun and enjoyment for parents and children alike.

During ‘lockdown’ the FOBl ran a lovely ‘Anything Goes Easter Competition’ and at the end of the school year they funded and supported our Year 6 Farewell Festival; a stunning, socially distanced, Covid secure sendoff!

Over the last financial year FOBL have supported M & M Theatrical Productions and their annual pantomime production within school. They have also enabled us to purchase a number of Lego Education sets for use in computing and science in addition to upgrades to our interactive class white boards. Most recently they have supplied us with Giant Jenga, Table Tennis and Table Football and other playtime games which the children have loved using.  Finally, we have been able to invest in some new recording equipment for use with our school iPads.

I have loved being the Chair of FOBL over the last 2 years. I have worked alongside some amazing people and have truly enjoyed taking on this role. I want to thank everyone for their support in both attending and helping to run all of the events. I would like to wish Laura all the best for the future, keep up the good work that has always been so important to enhancing every child’s experience at Bracken Leas.

Victoria Pratt
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