Mental Health Awareness Week is next week and the theme is Kindness. At Bracken Leas we have decided to link this with our window themes which next week will be ‘Bees’. We would love to see these buzzing around your home and windows in support of this awareness campaign!

Here is a link to some resources to help you find out more and get involved.

Mental Health Awareness Week ideas

In the Brackley Community you could;

Write a letter, make a card, draw a picture, sing a song or send a video to to send on to St Rumbolds Court. More details on this to follow…

Paint a Brackley Pebble and put it somewhere around the town

Put a ‘Bee Kind Bee’ in your window to show your support

Make a donation to Brackley Foodbank who are in need of more support at this time

Make a donation to a local charity

At home you could;

Make a card or a gift for another member in your family

Make a call or video someone in your family or a family friend

Send a motivational message to someone who might be struggling

Send a cute animal picture to a friend or send them a funny joke

Help with household chores! 

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