Over the last week we have been selecting our Head Boys/Girls and House Captains. This has been a very difficult job for us at Bracken Leas due to the number and quality of the candidate that have put themselves forward for the roles.

For our Head Boy and Head Girl roles we received 24 applications and all candidates were interviewed. Selecting pupils for this role has been very challenging due to the high quality of applicants. Sam, Harry, Annabel and Nia were the successful candidates. Congratulations to them and good luck for the upcoming academic year.

We have also been holding House Assemblies in order to elect House Captains. Congratulations to all of our new House Captains who will be kept very busy throughout the year, keeping track on all of the house points and supporting the events we have planned.

The next challenge for us is to elect School Council Reps from across the school. We also have representatives within Sports Crew, Digital Leaders, Assembly Technicians and Guardians for the younger children to select. Democracy is certainly ‘in action’ here at Bracken Leas!


Zac and Charlotte are our House Captains


Liam and Amelie are our House Captains


Ollie and Niamh are our House Captains.


Enfys and Harley are our House Captains.


Katie and Toby are our House Captains.


Anna and Tom are our House Captains

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