Bracken Leas joined The Hawksmoor Learning Trust on April 1st 2017. The HLT is a newly formed Multi Academy Trust (MAT) and being part of a MAT enables Bracken Leas to work collaboratively in continuous improvement and innovation, optimising opportunities for sharing resources, always driving forwards.

THLT Ethos: Building Excellence

The Hawksmoor Learning Trust is inspired by the privilege, moral responsibility and challenge of preparing our children for real life ahead of them in an unpredictable, ever changing world. We know that great schools make a difference. We strive for our individual and collective best to achieve excellence for all.  In ‘Building Excellence’ in our schools, children come first in all our decision making.

The three principles of The Hawksmoor Learning Trust approach are:

  • Quality
  • Enthusiasm
  • Partnership

These principles will guide The Hawksmoor Learning Trust in providing an education of the highest quality. These principles demand that we think and act in highly constructive ways towards each other as colleagues, towards the children who are placed in our care and towards the parents in our schools and communities and helps us to maximise opportunities for our pupils, working collaboratively as Trust Schools.

Click on this link to The Hawksmoor Learning Trust Website for more details on the trust.