School Hall

Our school hall is used every day for assemblies, P.E lessons, assessments, and extra-curricular activities. Parents and carers are also invited into school regularly for celebrations such as Harvest, Christmas performances, musical events and plays.

Our hall is also for hire outside of school hours for private events and activities. For prices and availability please contact us.


At Bracken Leas there are 14 dedicated classrooms, two for each year group. These are all named after animal homes such as The Den, Aquarium or Drey. Teachers will often theme certain activities, projects and displays to coincide with their class name.

Classes are split into three key areas within the school;

Reception – Two dedicated open plan classrooms with a self-contained play area, cloakrooms, toilets and computer facilities.

Key Stage 1 – Classrooms for year one and two. Cloakrooms, toilets, break out areas and KS1 Computer Suite.

Key Stage 2 – Classrooms for year three, four, five and six. Cloakrooms, toilets, break out areas and KS2 Computer Suite.


Bracken Leas has a well-stocked library which many of the classes use on a weekly basis. It contains a large selection of fiction and non-fiction books and is kept up to date regularly by Mrs Shelley. Children are allowed to take one book out of a time and may exchange it upon its return. Sometimes their teacher may ask them to bring a particular type of book home, at other times they will be given free choice.

We do ask that books are exchanged weekly where possible. Should a book not be returned within four weeks you may receive a letter from us asking you to arrange for its return. ‘Lost’ books may incur a fixed penalty fee depending on the circumstances of the loss.

Here is a schedule of each class’s library day which details when they would usually visit the library.



From time to time opportunities may arise for parents and carers to come in and help with library. If this interests you then please let your child’s teacher know.

Computer Suites and iPads

At Bracken Leas we are fortunate to have one computer suite in Key Stage 1, Laptops for use in Key Stage 2 as well as computers within Early Years. We also have a large number of iPads which are used throughout the curriculum by all classes.

Multi Use Games Area

Thanks to the Friends of Bracken Leas School, we now have a fantastic Multi Use Games Area within the school grounds. This is used regularly for P.E. Lessons and extra-curricular activities as well as at play times where each year group has a scheduled session in this area using our great selection of play equipment.

Eco Area and Greenhouse

Work is ongoing to improve our wonderful Eco Area. We recently completed erecting our amazing greenhouse in this area, constructed almost entirely from plastic drinks bottles. This project has understandably take a long time to complete! New raised beds have also been added recently and this area will continue to develop over the coming months and years.

Outdoor Classroom – Savannah

Our outdoor classroom provides a great learning environment at all times of the year, but especially in the summer months. The funding for this classroom was also provided thanks to Friends of Bracken Leas School who do amazing work at our school.

Art Room

We are fortunate to be able to offer a well-resourced Art Room where we teach the majority of our Art and Design lessons. We believe that being in a designated Art Room inspires children’s creativity and allows them to work more freely.

Adventure playground

Our adventure playground and willow tunnel is a hugely popular area of our school grounds. Used mainly during the dry months, it is available for all children within the school to use and access is shared across the school playtimes in order to ensure safety.

School Playground, Covered Areas and Playing Field

At Bracken Leas there is one main playground and several covered areas which are used by all of the children in school. Except on a Friday morning, play times are segregated between Reception and Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2. This ensures that everyone has sufficient space to run around! Within the main playground is the smaller reception playground. This area is only accessible to children in their Reception year and provides them with a safe haven to return to if they feel that play in the main playground is too boisterous.

In addition, we also have our amazing pirate ship and quiet pond area within the main playground. The latter is often teaming with wildlife and it’s not unusual for staff to have to rescue the odd frog!

To complement imaginary play, reading and other activities we also have a wide selection of outdoor play equipment for use at playtimes. This includes, balls, ball launchers, cones, space hoppers and Frisbees.

No one is ever lonely at playtimes at Bracken Leas as we have our buddy bench. Every child knows that if someone is sitting here they should come and ask them to play with them.

DT Room

Learning about nutrition, food preparation and cookery is very important to us at Bracken Leas School. This is why we have our dedicated and well stocked DT room, used on a regular basis by all year groups. Over the school year children may learn to make chocolate for their enterprise project, healthy snacks, smoothies or even a Christmas cake!