At Bracken Leas our school community is very important to us. There are many ways in which our children participate in whole school or cross Key Stage activities.

From music lessons and the school choir to extracurricular clubs, activities and school assemblies…. the opportunities are many and varied.

Through our school house system there are a number of inter house competitions and events which happen throughout the school year including House Days and Sports Days. These sometimes involve the whole school and at other times may be run within the two key stages.

In our wider school community there are also many events across the cluster and the other Hawksmoor Learning Trust Schools.

There are also many opportunities for parents and carers to become involved in our community. Friends of Bracken Leas arrange lots of events including Fairs, wine tasting evenings, Bingo and Line dancing to name but a few. In addition, opportunities also arise within school governors and to volunteer to help out within the school.