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Who are we?

We are proud to have a successful background – FOBL has been working hard for many, many years to supplement the school’s budget by making essential purchases that improve the education of the children at our school. This includes:

  • Directly influencing a whole-school IT refresh from 2018+ which has seen 7 new interactive iBoards for classrooms, 36 new laptops and laptop-trolley-storage, AND 8 iPads purchased for classroom activities.
  • Building the Savannah (the outdoor classroom)
  • Purchasing the Pirate Ship in the playground
  • Contributions towards the MUGA
  • ££££ towards new library and reading books
  •  Paying for the annual school Panto
  • Subsidising school trips
  • Buying the oven in the DT room to allow cookery
  • Funding the Y6 Leavers Prom each year to say thank you for all the support over the years
  • Puddle suits for EYFS
  • Plus lots, lots more!

NONE of this would be possible without the amazing support from parents, pupils and teachers who have willingly given up their time to help with events, as well as attend them. We thank each and every one of you for your support no matter how small you might think it is – we literally cannot do anything without you!

Elected Committee Members

Following the FOBL AGM on September 16th 2019, please find below the newly elected committee as well as a list of events for the forthcoming year. Further details about events will be sent out each month via our FaceBook group as well as in the school newsletter. We will also post information on this page.

Victoria PrattJoint Chair
Claire Linnet-PrattVice Chair
Helen FarrellTreasurer
Jane Humphries-CoxallSecretary

Why are we doing it?

It’s no secret that government cuts have left school budgets desperately lacking over the years. Just check out the link below which demonstrates how large a problem this is…

Heartbreakingly, this shows that in the last 4 years, our school has lost out on £137,933 – imagine what we could have done with that money!

What are we raising money for next?

1.) Outdoor Adventure Playground – our old ‘trim trail’ needs a radical uplift and we’d love to see something modern and new installed for the Summer 2020! But it’s a big investment and we need as much help as possible to raise the funds.

2.) Reading resources – following the government curriculum change back in 2016 we have worked tirelessly to restock the school’s reading books and all of the topic books in the library. With over 400 children to provide for, this is a pretty massive task but we are so close to completion. We estimate that £3,000 would provide enough funds to finally update all of the schools books.

3.) Complete Redesign and Overhaul of the Eco Area – this is a massive task that has the potential to create a paradise of ecosystems, learning opportunities and enjoyment spaces. We’ve got so many ideas but need a big investment to see it through to completion.

4.) Playground Benches – simple yet completely necessary. Recycled plastic benches cost approx. £500 but will last a lifetime as well as needing no upkeep! We’d like 4 more!

5.) Markings for the Playground – The KS1 playground (outside Y1 & Y2) has been recently resurfaced but now we’d like to add some bright and fun designs that the children can enjoy. Sadly these are expensive but we’re confident that our fundraising can provide this for the school.

6.) A Mobile Smartboard and the Last Remaining iBoard for Classrooms – We are so close to completing out IT refresh project. These are the last few items remaining and we are determined that all classrooms should have state-of-the-art technology befitting of a 2020 classroom!

How can you help?

There are a few simple and super-easy ways that you can help:

1. Earn money for our charity while you shop with Easy Fundraising

2. Fund Matching

This is where an employer agrees to ‘match’ funds raised at an event (i.e. double the money) either from a single-stall (Tombola e.g.) or overall-event (Santa-Day). Usually an employee would speak to their manager/accounts department to see if their company offer a ‘Fund Matching Scheme’ and then find out how they can help. This is potentially the SINGLE MOST VALUABLE cash-raising opportunity that out PTA has but we rarely get the chance to exploit it. So if you think you can help, and are willing to ask your employer – Please, please give it a try – we could unlock thousands of pounds in donations for very little effort and it could make a HUGE difference to what we can achieve as a PTA for your children! How to doc

3. Sponsor an Event

Are you a business owner who is in a position to help? Maybe you could sponsor one of our events and we could return the favour by endorsing your brand to our families! Please get in touch via our facebook page or via the school office to see how we can work together!

4. Join the Committee

Each September we hold our AGM and elect a new committee. Everyone is welcome; in fact the more the merrier as new faces create new fundraising ideas! We then meet about another five times throughout the academic year to talk through up and coming events.

We are always asking for volunteers to help run events – we can’t do it without helpers so please get in touch each time you see an event coming up if you can volunteer some time!

What is coming up?

Spooky Bake Sale

We will be holding a Bake Sale in the playground on Monday 21st October and would appreciate any homemade or shop-bought treats that you can donate! We have over 400 children at Bracken Leas so really appreciate your support on this! All cakes, cookies and tempting treats will be sold in the playground after school with prices from 50p! We will have a stall to drop them off on Monday morning.

Disco Night

We regularly hold a KS1 (Reception to Y2) and KS2 (Y3+). Tickets are £2 each or £5 for 3 or more siblings. Generally the lights are kept on for the little ones and the music turned down… we do encourage parents to help on the night (selling sweets, serving hotdogs or just being there to help get the party going!) so please get in touch via our Facebook group or by sending a message to the school office. Parents are also welcomed to wait if children are anxious and we provide refreshments and cakes in our waiting area! Each disco has Hotdogs, crisps, sweets, and glowsticks all selling for 50p each but we also provide free drinks and free fruit! Please try and give your children enough money in a named purse/wallet/bag etc in case of losses! You can book tickets by putting money in an envelope with your child’s name and base clearly marked on the outside, and putting it in one of the school ‘Post Boxes’ or via the school office. Alternatively, we will be in the playground selling tickets the week before the disco so please look out for us!*

*NB we never actually issue tickets as these are easily misplaced so instead compile a Guest List of attendees!

KS1 lasts from 5-6pm

KS2 is from 6:15 – 7:30pm

Next Disco: Spooky Disco, 24th October

Need more information? Take a look at our Disco FAQ Sheet. FOBL Disco FAQs

Personalised Christmas Cards and Tags

Every year the children design a Christmas card which is printed and available for you to buy as a card or Christmas tag. These are generally made in-class each October but we can supply additional templates if you’d prefer to design something at home. This is often a favourite with siblings as it ensures everyone gets to add something to a ‘family card’. Orders are placed before October half term and are printed and sent back to parents by 1st December!

Full List of Events for 2019/20

Please click on the link below to see our whole list of exciting events planned for this school year!

FOBL events 2019-20

Please remember – We are raising money to help YOUR children have the best education and the BEST opportunities possible while they are at Bracken Leas School. The more help and support we receive, the more we are able to provide for the children!

First Aid Disclaimer 

FOBL supports Bracken Leas School with its events. It is the responsibility of parents to ensure that their children are provided with the appropriate medication. Bracken Leas School cannot accept any responsibility for the administration of any such medication during FOBL events.