Homework Support

On this page you will find some links to websites and other documentation that will help provide additional homework support for you and your child.



Here is a link to a website which contains a school reading list for primary and secondary aged children.

School Reading List


This is a link to a glossary of all technical grammatical terms used in the study of english.

Grammar Glossary


Hints and Tips

  • If your child is finding it difficult to understand the method at their Year group level, look to the year groups below, or even several year groups below. You may need to take it back to a practical level so they can understand the concept. Usually children find the understanding hard because they still need to be able to see and ‘visualise’ what the maths looks like. Encourage lots of talk between yourselves.
  • An interesting website to go on is youcubed.org Here go to the number tasks section and read an article called ‘fluency without fear.’ It explains how we can teach multiplication and times tables in way that does not rely on just memory. So for example we can know 7 x 6, if we know 5 x 6, and 2 x 6 and add the two together. This is where the importance of discussion comes in, and this method can be applied to any timetables fact.
  • Please don’t say ‘I was never good at Maths!’ We don’t often hear people say the same about reading. We need the children to hear positive messages about Maths. Actually most jobs do involve a lot of Maths skills, it is probably just not what we were tested on!