Here is a list of  Bracken Leas and Hawkmoor Learning Trust Policies.

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Here is a link to our Covid-19 Risk Assessment for full opening September 2021.

Bracken Leas Covid-19 Risk Assessment Updated January 2022
Covid-19 Risk Assessment Contingency Plan January 2022

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Bracken Leas SEN Information Report
Bracken Leas Anti-bullying Policy
Bracken Leas Child Protection & Safeguarding Policy 2021
Bracken Leas Child Protection & Safeguarding Policy Covid-19 Annex
Bracken Leas Behaviour and Discipline Policy
Bracken Leas GDPR Privacy Notice For School Website Users
Bracken Leas Equality Policy Including Accessibility Action Plan
Bracken Leas Whistle Blowing Policy
Bracken Leas Inclusion Policy
Bracken Leas Charging & Remissions Policy
Bracken Leas Online Safety Policy
Bracken Leas School Food Policy
Bracken Leas School Remote Learning Policy
Bracken Leas School Covid Catch Up Premium Report
Bracken Leas Primary School Admissions Policy 2021

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