At Bracken Leas we have a number of different systems of reward.

These include our school house system which rewards individual and team performance within the houses as well as Certificates of Merit and ABLE Awards which reward individuals who have performed well at school in many different ways. As well as rewards for good behaviour there are also sanctions for poor behaviour, depending on severity, this may be addressed in many ways too.

Our School Reward System

As a new leadership team, we have been reviewing the Behaviour Rewards System at Bracken Leas. Here are more details about our current reward system.

ABLE Awards

These awards recognise the Bracken Leas ethos of Achieve, Believe, Learn, Enjoy. They are special Headteacher Awards which will be given out half-termly to recognise children who have embraced all aspects of the school ethos. We believe this award will be seen as really desirable for the children and that they will strive to achieve it and feel honoured to receive it. There is a surprise element also to this award which will be revealed once the first awards have been nominated next week!


These are given in recognition of exceptional pieces of work; fantastic effort; perseverance and determination. These are awarded weekly in the Celebration Assembly and the teachers will award as many as are deserved on a weekly basis.

Star of the Week

Every week in Celebration Assembly, the teachers nominate a star of the week for their class and give the reasons for their choice.


These are given to all children for many different reasons. All of the house points are collected on a weekly basis and the House Captains reveal the winning total in Celebration Assembly every Friday. Individually every child has a house point card and they are aiming to collect house points to receive a badge.

  • 70 points= Colour badge
  • 150 points= Bronze badge
  • 240 points= Silver badge
  • 340 points= Gold badge


The reward system we have in place is appropriate to age and as such children are rewarded in the moment. This ensures that they are recognised instantly for their achievements. In addition, they are being introduced to the house point system and are learning about its value. Finally, there is Star of the Day chosen by the teacher every day. In time the children will join whole-school Celebration Assembly over the course of the year.

House points

The school has designed and adopted a consistent approach for rewarding and encouraging good behaviour, effort and manners based on the collection of house points.  All children are sorted into one of six houses on arrival to the school – Ellesmere (red), Beaumont (blue), Egerton (yellow), Thompson (purple), Bridgewater (orange) and Quincey (green).

House points may be awarded for any actions, deeds or attitudes which are deemed noteworthy and may include:-

  • Particularly good work/effort.
  • Displaying good manners.
  • Displaying a caring attitude towards others.
  • Staying on task etc.

When awarding the House point the member of staff should reinforce the good behaviour e.g. ‘You can have a House point for waiting so patiently’.

House points should be awarded singularly and once awarded a house point can never be deducted.

Children are presented with their badge in the weekly celebration assembly.

Star Of The Week

Children who make a contribution to their class will receive a star of the week certificate and a postcard is then sent home to notify parents / carers of their achievement. In Reception children are made ‘Star of the Day’ and given a special responsibility within the class.

What other reward systems do we use?

We have a range of systems of rewards which promote self-esteem and encourage high standards. Children receive stickers for work, are sent to other staff for praise and come to the Deputy Headteacher or Headteacher for special praise.

Headteacher Awards are given out to those children who have achieved three certificates of merit and are awarded each term in a Celebration Assembly. Parents of award recipients are invited to attend this assembly alongside parents of ABLE Award recipients.

How do we expect our children to behave?

We are extremely proud of the excellent behaviour shown by our children on a daily basis. This is often commented upon by visitors to the school or when the children are on out of school visits.

We aim to encourage good behaviour patterns through positive praise and highlighting those traditional elements of good manners we all value: politeness, courtesy and consideration for the feelings of others. At Bracken Leas we create a happy, secure atmosphere which encourages self-confidence, co-operation and self-discipline.

To make these principles clear to the children we have six simple Golden Rules that are re-enforced with the children regularly.

Our Golden Rules

We are gentle.

We are kind and helpful.

We listen.

We are honest.

We work hard.

We look after property.