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**Christmas Jumper Day for Save the Children will be held on Friday 15th December. Please come into school in your festive jumper.**Tickets for ‘It’s a baby!’ are being sent out on Friday 24th Nov. Please check book bags.**
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At Bracken Leas we plan for at least one external educational visit each year.

In addition, during Year 3, Year 4 and Year 6 children are invited to attend a residential. The length of these overnight activities extends from 1 night in Year 3 to 2 nights in Year 4 and 5 nights in Year 6. These are always very popular as well as being great fun. The focus of each residential is varied from Nature to Arts and Outward Bounds. We will always make arrangements to spread the cost of these trips across the school year as much as possible.

Parents may be asked from time to time to make contributions towards activities and visits involving transport and admission costs

The amounts will vary and will be as reasonable as possible. All requests for voluntary contributions are made in line with our Charging Policy. In addition to this FOBL make an annual contribution to one school trip per year for each year group.

We do make a charge for residential experiences and peripatetic music tuition as these are deemed ‘optional extras.’ However, in both cases the school will always put a plan in place to spread the cost across the school year.

What if I can’t afford to pay?

Families in receipt of means tested free school meals or other benefits may be eligible for reductions in the full cost of some educational visits. Please contact the school office for more details. All discussions will, of course, be in confidence.