The Bracken Leas Team 2018–2019

Senior Management TeamRole
Mrs Paula HarwoodHead of School
Designated Safeguarding Lead
Mr Daniel AlderDeputy Head
Head of Key Stage 2
Safeguarding Lead
Maths Lead
Mrs Caroline Lewis
Assistant Head
Primary Designated Safeguarding Lead
Head Of Key Stage 1
Teacher in Year 2
Pastoral and Attendance Lead
Mrs Andrea Kent Head Of Key Stage 2
Head of English
Teacher in Year 4
SENCO (shared)
Mrs Wendy PayneSENCO (shared)
Teaching StaffRole
Miss Lauren RobinsonLead Teacher Early Years
Mrs Emily Hancock (Mon/Tues/Wed)
Mrs Sam Castle (Maternity Leave)
Miss Beverley Caines
(Maternity Cover Thurs/Fri)
Teachers Early Years
Mrs Teresa SmithLead Teacher Year 1
Mrs Sarah PorterTeacher Year 1
Science Lead
Mrs Caroline LewisLead Teacher in Year 2
Miss Bethany UpstoneTeacher Year 2
Mrs Clare WebbLead Teacher Year 3
Mrs Susan Doak Teacher Year 3
Mrs Andrea KentLead Teacher in Year 4
Mrs Sarah MesserTeacher in Year 4
Miss Stacy HowarthLead Teacher in Year 5
PE/Sports Lead
Mrs Clare ShannonTeacher Year 5
Computing/Online Safety Lead
Mrs Judith ChiuLead Teacher Year 6
Mrs Faye Taylor & Mr Daniel Alder Teachers in Year 6
Miss Charlotte PepperPart time teacher in Year 2 and Year 6
Mr Paul Moreby PPA cover
Mrs Claire HumphriesPPA and music cover
Mrs Claire FisherHigh Level Teaching Assistant
Mrs Sue Shelley High Level Teaching Assistant
Teaching Assistants 
Mrs Jackie AyresMrs Claire Tudhope
Miss Danielle Clark (EYFS)Mrs Andrea Knapton
Mrs Rachel HiltonMrs Sue Shelley
Mrs Nell Morgan
Mrs Jeanette Buehling
Mrs Ann ClarkeMiss Rikki Caisley
Mrs Angela Hailes
Mrs Claire Watt
Mrs Isobel Dearsley Mrs Julie Humby
Mrs Charlotte JarmanMrs Elaine Strong
Mrs Christine BucherMrs Lisa Yianni
Mrs Pamela VallisMrs Hannah Petrons
Office & Administration Team 
Mrs Kay BaulBusiness Manager
Mrs Tracey Lyle-CarterAdministration
Mrs Sally HolmesAdministration
Mrs Kathryn BundyAdministration
Mrs Victoria PrattAdministration
Site Supervisor
Mr Jim Possinger
Cleaning Team 
Mrs Angela RichardsonSenior Cleaner
Mrs Jane HusseyCleaner
Mrs Lesley OutredCleaner
Mrs Jane Wyatt Cleaner
Mrs Sarah GouldingCleaner
Midday Supervisors 
Mrs Claire Watt Mrs Helen Pearson
Mrs Sarah Alderman Miss Ellie Hawkins
Mrs Sue Pickford Mrs Sarah Goulding
Mrs Christine BucherMrs Lesley Outred