Our School Day

Gates Open8.30am
KS1 children should line up on the play ground
Morning Session8.50am – 12.00 noon
Morning Break10.15am – 10.30am (KS1)
10.40am – 10.55am (KS2)
Afternoon Session1.00pm - 3.10pm (EYFS & KS1)
1.00pm - 3.15pm (KS2)
KS1 Break2.20pm – 2.35pm

Our school provides playground supervision from 8.30am. Prior to this time there is a Breakfast Club and After School Club provided by Stepping Stones Pre-School. 

For further details Tel: 01280 701744 or visit their website www.steppingstonespreschool.org.uk

Getting To School

Bikes and scooters
We have storage racks for bicycles and scooters. Children travelling to school on a bicycle must wear a helmet. We do not allow bicycles or scooters to be ridden in the school grounds for the safety of everyone. We are encouraging safer routes to school and want to see as many children as possible walking to school as this helps to reduce congestion around the school.

If you need to come by car please park in the street as the school car park is too small for general use. Please remember to park safely and away from drives and corners. There is a pathway into school by the side of the car park for the safety of pedestrians, please ensure children use this.

There are a number of safe walking routes that you and your children can take in order to get to school. Outside the main gate we have a Zebra Crossing which is proactively managed by us on Pavillons Way. However, please be mindful around this crossing as it can sometimes be confusing for both pedestrians and drivers.

What to do before the school day begins

Gates open: 8.30 am

Bell rings for lining up: 8.40 am

Early Years: All children to be taken by parents to the coloured fence marking the outdoor area for the Early Years classes. Teachers will come out when the bell rings to welcome the children in.

KEY STAGE 1 (Years 1 and 2): All children line up on the playground. When the bell rings, for children to line up. Parents must not leave their children before the teachers are there. Children are walked into class by their teacher.

KEY STAGE 2 (Years 3 and 4): All children must go to the area outside the Year 1 and Year 2 classrooms where they will line up to meet their teacher at 8.40 am. If children arrive earlier than the bell rings, they must wait quietly in that area or stand by parents on the Key Stage 1 playground. There should not be any running around or games being played at this time.

YEAR 5 and 6: To encourage independence, children can walk into class independently at 8.30 am.

GATE CLOSURE: The double gates will be locked at 8.45 am. The single pedestrian gate will close at 8.50 am. Any children arriving after this time will need to go to the main entrance reporting to the school office. Registration is at 8.50 am and children will be marked as late after 9.00.

Wet weather arrangements
If the weather is too wet to stay on the playground before school children from Reception and Year 1 & 2 are asked to wait under the covered areas outside their classroom until their teachers call them in. All children in Key Stage 2 should go straight to the classroom and prepare themselves for the start of the school day.

Collecting children at the end of the school day

The school gates are opened at 3.00pm for parents to come and wait on the playground.  Children in KS1 are released from their classroom doors at 3.10 and KS2 are released at 3.15.

All children in Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 are sent out from their external classroom door. It is school policy not to let children in these classes go until staff can see the adult who is collecting them. Therefore it is vital that we are informed if there is a change in the adult who will collect your child on any particular day. We also appreciate that some parents may have younger siblings to collect from class. If this is the case please speak to your child’s class teacher to make suitable arrangements for the end of the school day.

Children in Year 3 to 6 are sent out to meet their parent/carer on the playground but are told to come back to their class if the person who is collecting them is not there. Children in KS2 may come to and from school independently.

Lunchtimes at Bracken Leas

Due to the size of our school, meal times are conducted on a rotation basis beginning with Early Years at 11.50. All meals, hot school meals and packed lunches, are eaten in the hall. This rota helps us to ensure that everyone has time to play as well as enjoying their lunch. Our team of Midday Supervisors look after the children and ensure this busy time of day runs as smoothly as possible.

Hot school meals are provided in school by the catering company Fresh Start. All children in their first three years of school are eligible for a universal free hot school meal. A meat or vegetarian option is available each day. Fresh Start operate a cashless catering system of online payments.

Some children will be eligible for means tested free school meals. Please contact the school office if you are in receipt of Family Tax Credits or similar support. If your child qualifies for this they will receive a free school beyond their first three years. The school will also receive additional funding for your child which can be used to subsidise a range of activities both in and out of school.

Pupil Premium Information
Contact Us

For those not wishing to have a hot school meal packed lunches may be brought in to school and stored in the cloakrooms. These should not contain fizzy drinks or nut products. Please save sweets and chocolates for eating after school and do not include them in your child’s lunch box. Here is a link to a copy of our Whole School Food Policy.

Click here For Healthy Lunchbox Ideas
Click here For Healthy Lunchbox Guidance

Snacks at morning break

Our school has achieved the Healthy Schools Award. In line with this initiative we would recommend a morning snack of fruit or vegetables but do not allow sweets or crisps. Snacks can be kept in the child’s lunchbox or drawer and taken out at break. Children in Key Stage 1 and Reception are offered fruit as a part of the Department of Health National Fruit Scheme.

Absences from school

If children are absent, it is essential for you to telephone us on the morning of their first day of absence or write a note to explain the reason. If a child is not in school and no call has been made we will contact parents to ensure that the child was not expected to be at school.

If your child is unwell in the night or before school, please keep him/her at home for 48 hours. In this way we can try to reduce the spread of infection.

Illness at school

If your child becomes unwell during the day, or has an accident requiring further medical treatment, we will contact you. It is therefore essential that we have up-to-date contact telephone numbers. If your contact details have recently changed please contact us to update them.

Requesting a leave of absence – taking children out of school during term time

The dates of school holidays are circulated regularly to you and are also on the school website. Due to recent changes in legislation the school is unable to authorise leave of absence except in very exceptional circumstances. These do not include family holidays or long weekends in term time. Leave of absence requests do not apply to hospital or other emergency medical appointments. These will always be classed as authorised absence.

The children in Year 2 and Year 6 undertake tests and assessments in May and no holidays should be arranged during this month. Year 1 have a statutory assessment in June and so should be in school at that time.

Keeping medicines in school

We have some members of our team who are authorised to administer medication. Should your child need to take medicine during the school day you must complete a consent form before this can be done. All medication of this type must be brought by an adult to the school office and not sent into school with your child. You should also make arrangements to collect the medication at the end of each school day.

Click here to download the medical consent form

Regular Medication e.g. Inhalers and Epipens

Parents with children needing to take regular medication in school will be required to complete a Medical Needs Form. This form is usually completed as part of the process of joining our school. Should your child develop a condition requiring regular medication at a later date, please speak to your child’s class teacher in the first instance in order that arrangements can be made.

Children starting school with specific medical needs such as severe allergies will have a School Health Care Plan which may be written in consultation with the school nursing service.

School closure – Snow Procedures

Closure prior to school opening

Many of our teachers do not live locally, and in the event of significant overnight snowfall meaning insufficient staff being able to get into work, we would need to close the school for safety reasons. We will notify parents of a closure via Twitter and on the Home Page of the School website. An email will also be sent to any email addresses that we hold for you via Arbor.

Closure during the school day

Should we need to close school during the school day, we will post a notification on Twitter, the website home page and send an email to any email addresses that we hold for you. All children will be held in school until parents arrive and should be collected directly from their classrooms.

In the event of school remaining open

Children should come to school in suitable clothing (including hats, gloves, & wellies/snow boots). Children will not line up, but should go straight to classrooms and change into their school shoes etc.


School closure – other reasons

If for any other reason (e.g loss of power/heating etc) the school has to be closed during term time, we will let parents know as soon as possible. If this occurs before the start of the school day we will inform parents as follows:

  • we will email all parents using our Arbor contact list
  • we will Tweet and a message will be placed on the home page of the school website www.brackenleasschool.co.uk

If a decision is made to close the school during the school day we will text all parents to arrange collection of their children. Staff will remain until all the children are safely collected. Any such decision to close the school is not taken lightly, and every effort is always made to keep the school open.