This week we are shining our spotlight on Year 2 and finding out what they have been up to this term.

This term our topic has been the Great Fire of London topic. Much of the activities we have been doing have been linked to this.

In Science we have been testing materials for safety, as we had a letter from King Charles II , which is on the wall in Web, asking us to find out about safer materials for re-building London after the Great Fire. We burnt a range of materials…all with Mr Possinger in attendance for Health & Safety reasons. We then wrote a letter to King Charles to explain our conclusions!
Our History work has been focused on editing text in a word document to correct errors about Samuel Pepys. We also made posters using word by inserting images and text about Sir Christopher Wren, who redesigned many buildings after the fire. We also drew portraits of King Charles II.

Finally, in Maths we have been using Power Maths; making number lines and counting in 2s 5s and 10s.

The children have also been doing paired reading and reading with partners in phonics to encourage reading fluency.

We have been spelling on whiteboards using our Fred Fingers as part of our Read White Inc. phonics lessons.
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