This week we are shining a spotlight on Year 1. We hope to give you a taster of what we are getting up to this term.

We started the term in swashbuckling fashion with almost 60 pirates taking over for the day, we had Captains and Crew -Redbeard, Peg Leg, Swashbuckler and even a Rainbow Beard! The children had great fun sorting sorting the facts from the myths and making Pirate bunting and parrots.

This year Power Maths has arrived at Bracken Leas!  This is a new scheme based on the Maths Mastery and Growth Mindset approach which aims to “develop a clear, deep and broad understanding” rather than accelerate through topics.  The structure of the sessions encourages lots of discussion and opportunities to ‘convince me’ or ‘prove it’ either individually, in pairs or in larger groups.

We are all very excited about the new furniture that is on its way, our bookcases have arrived and are now brimming with books which the children are able to access easily and the drawer units have had a much-needed update with matching drawers to store our equipment.

This term we are learning all about ourselves and our bodies, with a little help from the Funnybones.  We have lots of exciting science sessions about our senses coming up this week. The children have made detailed comparisons about the differences between themselves as babies and five-year olds.  They loved comparing the pictures of the baby in the Peepo Story (1950s) with life today and noticed lots of details in the pictures.

This year we are all about challenge at Bracken Leas and Year 1 is no exception!  The children all talked about their own challenges at the beginning of the year. We are working together on developing our independence across all areas of the curriculum as it becomes more structured.  We have also made a year group pledge which will challenge us throughout the year. More on this soon…

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