We are aware of a disturbing video that is circulating on social media at the moment, especially TiKTok and other social media platforms. Following information from Children First Northamptonshire, we believe the video has been removed from TiKTok but has been and is being shared on other social media platforms. Northamptonshire County Council have put together some advice on how to manage the incident and how to safeguard young people online especially if they are distressed from seeing the video.

Don’t forget you can report inappropriate content directly on TikTok and also Report Harmful Content especially if the video is on other social media or instant messenger platforms.

Here is some advice for Parents and Carers around managing any incident:

  • Please use the Report Harmful Content website and report functions on a social media websites or apps, we need to work together so we can get it taken down as quickly as possible. More information on this is highlighted below.  
  • Please do not share the video and ensure that your children also follow this advice. If you or your child gets a video sent to them that they are unsure of we need encourage them to not open it.
  • If your child has seen the video you need to ‘get curious’– ask questions like ‘how did you get to that?’ or ‘what did you click on’ this will help parents and professionals understand how their child or children clicked on the content in the first place.
  • Try not to blame children and young people, they may have clicked on things innocently or may have gone looking for the content on purpose, but it’s still important to remain calm and be supportive. They may have heard their friends talking about the video but not know what they might be exposed to by looking at the video.
  • Make sure you do your research – some of the information being shared around this incident is very misleading especially on social media.

We recommend the following websites to look and to promote to parents and carers, UK Safer Internet Centre offer some great guides and Internet Matters is full of useful information especially around keeping safe on social media. We have also attached two important handouts that you can also share with parents and carers especially the guide to social media and gaming.

For more online safety support you can email us: onlinesafety@northamptonshire.gov.uk

Please click on the links below for specific information relating to online safety.

Parents – Online safety gaming and social media

Parent hand out – 2020

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